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One of his coleagues in this campaing is Matthew Dentith who runs a radio program called the Dentith Files which exists to lampoon conspiracy theories. Dentith is undertaking his PhD with Auckland University, his thesis subject being the debunking of conspiracy theory. Dentith provides Hamilton with a platform to expound his own ‘nazi conspiracy’ theory.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the world of Metapedia, the Wikipedia for the Far, Occult-obsessed, Right. Whilst I don’t get an entry all to my own, I do feature in Scott Hamilton’s entry; obviously I must try harder.

My comrade and I spent a goodly portion of last night following links like two Conspiracy Theorists following the money, but our search did not produce fruit. “Dr.” Kerry Bolton, who gets a glowing write-up, seems a most distinguished fellow. Apparently he got a PhD in Historical Theology in 2006 and another PhD in Theology in 2007. As someone who is writing a PhD I’m very envious; I can’t imagine writing one in two years, let alone one a year.

But, and this is odd, no one seems to know which accrediting institution awarded these higher level qualifications.

And the peer-reviewed journal he has submitted work to… Doesn’t Patrick Boch remind you of a young H. P. Lovecraft?


Marinus says:

Broken link to Metapedia.

Fixed. I suspect the lack of coffee when I was cutting and pasting links lead to that little mistake.

It is a strange world, the fascist grove: half sham-academic, posing as a intellectual activity; half sincere, in wanting to create a theoretical justification for an ideology which is largely irrational.

That would make a great beat poem. Someone needs to break out a bass.

We don’t need that fascist grove thang.

Edward says:

Ha! I too was mentioned in the metapedia article on Scott. Apparently i’m an “adviser on archaeological matters”. First I knew.
As for Bolton, maybe his “PhD’s” came from a secret, occult university. We can probably expect his third PhD thesis this year: ‘Why Hitler was Great’, in Historical Theology. Perhaps also more articles in that amazing peer-reviewed ‘journal’, you know, the one with music reviews in it.

His Historical Theology PhD thesis is entitled “From Knights Templar to New World Order” and I have read it. I hardly think it would pass muster at any accredited university I know of

Edward says:

You’re a brave man slogging through 100,000 odd words of Bolton-speak. I think we can safely guess that it isn’t from an accredited university. The cover page of it doesn’t state what institution, so i’m assuming it’s a mail order degree or the associated institution was so embarrassed they didn’t want their name on it.