From Plausible to Denial

The internet is rife with lists; if I had a top ten list for every top ten list I’ve seen posted about this that and the other I’d have to have a top ten of the top ten of the top ten… You can see where I might be going with this.

One of my favourite kind of lists is the ‘Everyone should know…’ variety, and Conspiracy Theorists have these in spades. This one is kind of great; it starts off with historical instances of people conspiring and slowly gets into fantasy land, hoping that the reader will not be astute enough to realise that some of the claims being made are rather speculative in nature.

I should point out, it starts off with some overstated cases, but that’s, to paraphrase Douglas Adams, peanuts to where it ends up going. Thoughts and feelings in the comments; the cupboard, if you will excuse the analogy, is looking a bit bare and needs re-stocking.