Repost: The Presentation

Given the flood of new readers I thought some of you might like some further details about my thesis. Two months ago I gave a presentation at the annual New Zealand Skeptics Conference ((I am not a member of that organisation but I do get asked to present material for them.)). Here’s the post again; the half-hour lecture I gave gives a fairly good indication of my philosophical position in regard to Conspiracy Theories.

Well, the Skeptics Conference has been and gone. A complaint was made about me (but not really about the presentation); I’m apparently too young to be giving papers at a Skeptics Conference. I should come back in ten or twenty years time.

I would say that this is good evidence that this older member of the congregation needs a bit of critical thinking training.

The talk went well; there seemed to be less overt Climate Change Skepticism at the conference this year and so the slippery slope of the talk went unchallenged ((I’m thinking about giving a talk next year on teaching critical thinking skills; I am tempted to point out to them that the most obvious problem with the talk, the move from Peer Review Skepticism to Climate Change Skepticism, could have been challenged.)).

Still, I’m too young.

You can hear my thoughts on the conference in general on the bFM slot this weekend; I’m too tired at this point to wax lyrical about it. Still, you can enjoy a snippet of the conference by listening/watching the following; it is my talk in glorious black and white with associated mono sound. Due to some incompatibility with the movie plugin for this blog, you’ll have to click here to view (or right-click to download) the (Quicktime) movie.

There is also a PDF here.

And, for further enlightenment, you can listen to my talk (and others) as an MP3 here.


Mr February says:

Nice presentation! I enjoyed reading it.