I have, throughout recorded history, been rather dismissive of things like MySpace, Facebook, fly-fishing and colonial oppression. The latter two are not up for discussion at the moment, but the former… Well, I think it might be time for a change.

I am a Social Philosopher, mostly concerned with Social Epistemology; I take it that we know an awful lot because of the way that knowledge is transmitted and distributed socially. It occurs to me that if this really is my major interest (and it is, should be, et al), then really, I should be joining Facebook. It may well be imperfect, its Terms of Service deplorable and it might well be going out of fashion just as I have decided to join its Legion, but all-in-all, this is a primary network of social information, and my not being on it means I:

a) Can’t share in it, and

b) Know pitifully little about it.

Well, times have changed and I need to change to. Consider me signing up for the Facebook.

The gods, may they help us all.


Welcome. We have been waiting for you.