Suggestions for Upcoming Shows

My memory is not always the greatest thing in the world and I keep meaning to make a formal list of topics for ‘The Dentith Files,’ a list of Conspiracy Theories and Theorists to talk about, except I never do. So, humble readers with an interest in what I am up to, I’d like to invite you all to make suggestions for future shows.

If you could also suggest links and literature that would be, to quote Devon from ‘Chuck,’ ‘Awesome!’ I don’t necessarily know everything there is to know about matters Conspiratorial and even if I do giving me a pointer may serve to jog the old brainmeats.

Hmm, brainmeats. Don’t mind if I do.

Aside from the suggestions in the comments, I have:



General Sikorski

(Both from Mr. Olthwaite)

The visit of the German submariners to (a) Napier and (b) the South Island (where they came ashore) during WWII (from Cheryl Bernstein)

Thor Heyerdhal

(Courtesy of llewelly)

Evil Prince Philip

(Inspired by Cheryl Bernstein)


Giovanni says:

Have you discussed at all conspiracy practice on your show? It might be interesting to discuss, say, Propaganda 2 in Italy as if it was a conspiracy theory – with everyone in it! Judges, politicians, talk show hosts! – and then badoom-tish! It was actually all true, and there are trials and convinctions and documents galore, plus the current prime minister was in it. It might confound expectations.

admin says:

Good old P2, eh. It’s not just true but also horribly stereotypical and it has a great name.

I like the use of ‘Conspiracy Practice,’ although I deem any explanation that cites a Conspiracy to be a Conspiracy Theory, warranted or not.

What Giovanni said, plus: health fads, of the kind that says ” the doctors are in league with the drug companies and are suppressing the evidence that spinach cures cancer, so buy your spinach capsules from Spinach Developments (Holdings) or you will die of cancer, soon.”

admin says:

True story; my former diet of cocopops kept a rare disease at bay.

bi -- IJI says:

I just read up on Propaganda Due — wow, this is some weird stuff. Perhaps include some discussion on some open questions, e.g. what the Gelli name list (and the presence of Berlusconi’s name on it) really means.

Giovanni says:

How so? I always figured that having your name on the list meant you belonged to the organisation. Is there some ulterior meaning?

Anonymous says:

The Thule Society.