Revised! Resubmitted! Rumoured!

I’m behind on so many things that you might as well call me Mr. Matthew Behind. For example, I have failed entirely to tell you of the resubmission of ‘Rumour Has It,’ the Rumour-cum-Conspiracy Theories paper I wrote for the 2006 AAP which was then reworked and submitted to a journal and received both a glowing and glowering review (from two reviewers, luckily). I worked up my changes and submitted them, although due to some e-mail related ‘mistake’ the revised version has only just reached the editor’s desk.

The rewrite was, I think. a success; the paper is all the better for it. The really, really, really negative review was hard to reconcile with the immensely positive one and I ended up following the positive review’s suggested changes and amendments because the negative one described the paper as unsalvageable.

‘Have You Heard: Rumours and Conspiracy Theories’ has now become ‘Have You Heard: The Reliable Rumour.’ It’s less about Conspiracy Theories now; it focuses on the rather novel thesis that Rumours are examples of normally warranted beliefs and that the pejorative notion of Rumour really refers to the process of Rumour-mongering.

It will hopefully be available in a library near you at some point in the future. Otherwise, if all else fails, the blog (although it would have to fail at a lot of journals before that became a live option ((There is probably a link, auto-magically generated) at the end of this post to some version of the talk you can ‘engage’ with now…))).


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