The Dentith Files – Swine Flu

Between 2008 and 2010, Matthew Dentith first joined 95bFM’s Simon Pound, then José Barbosa, on Sunday mornings to talk about conspiracy theories. Listen, as they say, again!

A Very Special Dentith Files on the ‘Swine Flu’.

Also, Atlanta was the airport I was looking for.


bi -- IJI says:

Rather interestingly, the right-wing ‘academic think-tanks’ haven’t been saying anything about swine flu or any swine flu ‘conspiracy’, even though they’ve been making a lot of noise all over the world about the global warming ‘conspiracy’.

— bi

admin says:

Conspiracy Theory begins: Most of the members of those think tanks will likely be dead and buried by the time the climate catastrophe threatens their class; swine flu could do that tomorrow. I suspect they’re probably being a bit more circumspect in their criticism because of that. Conspiracy Theory ends.

bi -- IJI says:

I don’t know… if they wanted to, they could’ve done what the Heartland Institute has done with the economic crisis: propose some policy measures which obviously won’t be followed, and if anything goes wrong they can blame The Government and make a lot of noise over it.

But they can’t even be bothered to do that… hmm…

— bi