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From the New Zealand Herald (and normally I would make a sarcastic comment about its quality of reporting, but here they are simply printing a news story from Reuters) on the Litveninko poisoning:

‘Looking tanned and dressed in a dapper pink shirt, Lugovoy said the Kremlin’s enemies and the Western press were portraying him as a “Russian James Bond” in a campaign to tarnish Russia’s image.’

Looking tanned and dapper? Oh, Journalism, how low have ye sunk? You can’t imagine a news report in 1944 going ‘Hitler, dressed to the nines in the latest lederhosen with a natty Swiss cap, said that ordering the extermination of the Jews was simply a necessary action to get the German economy onto an even footing.’

Actually, maybe I can.


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S. says:

Don’t forget not to mention the war.. Also, I don’t believe Hitler wore Lederhosen. Ever. I am tempted to prove myself wrong but can’t stand the idea of looking at certain pictures..
However, I did giggle. A little.

(The real-time comment preview rocks, by the way.)