Finality, but…

So, ‘Stargate: SG-1’ is over… except that it is now transitioning to TV movies. The final few episodes of season ten felt rushed and overburdened with plot, but then the last episode comes along and it does what SG-1 always did best; small, character-driven stories based upon being in what seems like an impossible situation of their own devising. If shows have to end then ‘Unending’ is a fairly good ‘Goodbye.’

Still, it will be a little weird to have no SG-1 but a new season of ‘Stargate: Atlantis.’ And does this mean Hermes is dead? Whatever the case, hearing about SG-1 but not seeing their exploits will be unusual.

Meanwhile, in cancelled TV-land, I have been watching ‘Snuff Box,’ the Matt Berry/Rich Fulcher show that was seemingly created from watching their performances on ‘The Mighty Boosh.’ It’s a sketch show that has elements of sitcom and, whilst it is a trifle off-beat, was well worth getting into. None of the jokes have punchlines; I’m sick of punchlines at the moment.

Hmm… What else. ‘Saxondale,’ Steve Coogan’s latest sitcom, is fun. I’ve not yet watched ‘Nathan Barley,’ Chris Morris’ sitcom of a few years back. That should be very interesting. I wonder if it is as ‘Jam’-esque as I think it is going to be.