Recent Reading

Yes, it’s all quiet on the Western Front. I’m currently reading up on three topics, one of which is directly thesis related whilst the other two are satisfying an academic interest. Of direct relation to the thesis is the (relatively) new field of Social Epistemology, which looks at knowledge not in relation to individuals but in relation to groups. This is very important to my topic on Conspiracy Theories because, at some point, I will have to write something on the notion that Conspiracy Theories can be group beliefs as well as individual beliefs. This all ties into questions of testimony as well, but my allergy-addled brain isn’t coping with higher thought functions this morning.

My other readings are on ‘forcing’ in epistemology (countering the radical skeptic in regards to the possibility of error in acquiring knowledge) and the use of intuitions in Philosophy. Both of which I am sure I will someday find a use for.

In other news: I now have two lilac-point Siamese. I’m obviously still allergic to cats and the two week acclimatisation is not even halfway over. Thus I sniffle and suffer and really don’t want to do anything else than vegetate at the moment. Thank god for weekends and trashy TV on DVD.


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