Kaikoura: The Dolphin Conspiracy #6

Well, as of tomorrow I am away and conferencing. I have another revision of the paper but to post it up here I would have to parse it one more time to make sure it resembled that thing called ‘English’ and I don’t have time to do that before I get on my jetplane.

I do have a quandary; I have come up with a fairly interesting counter-example which might act against my paper’s thesis and I’m not sure whether to write it in, as well as my reply, or wait to see if people pick up on it. I think it is a rather obvious comeback to what I say, but my supervisors don’t seem to have spotted it so maybe it isn’t. I might prepare a slide on it so that if someone does come up with it I can whip up an OHP and deal with it then and there, looking oh-so-professional whilst doing it.

Well, see you all in a week. I might try to write up a post-mortem before I get back.