Doctor Who Season One Redux #2

The End of the World

I had forgotten just how good this story was; wonderful character moments and its as strong a second episode as you could possibly want. Mystery, suspense and tension galore between and about our two protagonists.

Pity about the actual plot. It’s trite, a bit silly and it doesn’t live up to the promise of seeing the death of the world. Still, it’s only when the drama focuses on the Cassandra plot that you worry, and the principal scene that shows this is the bit of exposition/reveal at the end.

Whereas ‘Rose’ was an example of what ‘Who’ could be ‘The End of the World’ is an example of a classic Who story. Funny, really, seeing that ‘The End of the World’ is, visually, a story that couldn’t have been done in Classic Who.

The commentary wasn’t up to much; you can only pat yourself on the back about your special effects so many times before it gets a little boring.


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