Has anyone read Nicky Hagar’s ‘The Hollow Men?’ Is it worth my time and possible vexations? An enquiring mind wants to know.

Every piece on Conspiracy Theories I read is an opportunity cost lost on some other text on Conspiracy Theories, so my question really is ‘Will reading ‘The Hollow Men’ give me any additional information about the poisted National Party conspiracy from that which I have gained from the media reports on the book? Or is the media coverage so adequate that I can say my $34 and use it to buy Thomas Kida’s book?’

Also, what of Hagar’s style? I’ve read Ian Wishart’s ‘The Paradise Conspiracy’ books and they weren’t exactly easy-going, fun romps (tax law is not, I suspect, ever going to be the subject of a best seller (and I suspect that now I’ve said that someone will find a John Grisham book to refute me with))? Is ‘The Hollow Men’ a good read, irregardless of its accuracy?

Answers on a postcard (or via comments), please.