Playmates of the Internet

So, Playboy has decided to plumb the internet for porn (clicky the here). What’s the likelihood that the ‘winners’ are models who ‘suddenly’ have a MySpace account?

Still, it’s good to see that Hugh Hefner and Co. have finally realised what men and paedophiles have known for years; all your porn needs can be satisfied online. Now, however, the print competition have finally found a way to lure men off the web and into their back-pockets: nude photos.

Look at it this way. A lot of men (some of you included) trawl the ‘Friends’ lists on both Livejournal and MySpace, ostensibly to find out more about the patrons, but, in reality, to find sexy photos (for those ever-essential sexy-parties-alone-in-your-room). However, seeing that most of the Livejournal/MySpace contingent have identity issues or write posts like”OMG! youll never realise the SUXOR that MADDIE is in’ those elusive party photos you just wish would degenerate into all-girl porn are harder to find than WMDs in Iraq.

Enter Playboy. That girl with the alias ‘candyfeatures’ is suddenly baring all on a nice A4 glossy page. You’ll snatch up the issue and retreat the Holy of Holies.

Because you’re really hoping that the photo shoot is only the beginning of a burgeoning porn career.

One that can only be truly successful on the internet.

Which is where this obsession so happily started.