Two off the list…

Well, I’ve finished the first draft of ‘You Must Be,’ my story about personal identity and the roles we are asked to play in society. It must be about time for a birthday; this story is pure, unadulterated angst, but I think it works.

Also, it has a soundtrack; Fiona Apple’s unreleased songs ‘Extraordinary Machine’ and ‘A Better Version of Me.’

(Actually, all my stories have associated music. It would be a glorious day if I could release a soundtrack to a fiction anthology. I do want to write a book that has a designated soundtrack per chapter… And write a musical in which the music licensing would be so great that no one would ever be able to make it…)

Expect more news on this late next week when I massacre the first draft for the sake of the second.

(And I’m over my cold. Thanks for the concern, people…)