More on the Guide Film

A few more things, mostly to do with MJ Simpson’s review of the film. It’s ten thousand words in length, so be warned.

Simpson is probably the world’s expert in all things Adams, and his review is not just condemning but powerfully so. I agree with a lot of it, yet…

I don’t hate the film; I merely find it extremely aggravating. It must have its moments because the audience I saw it with, including some close and respected friends, enjoyed it. The problem for me is that the version of the ‘…the Guide…’ I saw didn’t do the source material justice. That doesn’t make it bad, just vaguely worthless (depending on your aesthetic principles). MJ Simpson’s review does go overboard, often emoting where, perhaps, a little restraint could have been beneficial. Still, I appreciate his position. The film really is the weakest of all the versions of the story made thus far.

But I do like the song with the dolphins, even if it needed to be louder and brassier.