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The Thing
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I am what is commonly referred to as a fidget. At work I have a specially fashioned fidgeting implement, made of an oversized paperclip and a hair pin someone left in my office. I call it The Thing. Whenever my left hand isn’t otherwise occupied, I’ll be twiddling it between my fingers in defiance of the tendonitis brought on by three years working a cash register as a student.

This little tic extends into non-tactile areas as well. I am, for instance, unable to go a week without fiddling with this blog in some way — re-organising the sidebar, adding functions, signing up to blogging services and so on. And now we have a links section.

Selected by the Brain Stab contributors via a mostly democratic process, they are subject to change in accordance with our mercurial dispositions. The first batch consists of blogs belonging to people we know, quality sites everyone should be visting at least once a week, and barely redeemable shit. You can sort out which is which for yourselves.

Obviously, this exercise is for the most part a naked ploy to get people linking back to us when they see our URL showing up as a referrer in their hitlogs. It’s so much easier on Livejournal: Just purge yourself of all dignity, beg to be put on others’ Friends lists, put up with tantrums and bitching over who you put on yours and away you go. Grown-up blogs require you to do your link whoring with a little more subtlety; being not so much a link whore as a link high-priced-call-girl. So make with the reciprocating, assholes — just no kissing on the lips.


RSJS says:

I see your fidgetting The Thing and raise you:
2 Biros (chewed)
3 balls (juggling)
2 balls (grinding)
4 paperclips (gnawed)
100+ paper cranes
Dress-up Barbie fridge magnet
1 magnetic dartboard sporting picture of now-retired General Manager
3 pads of post-it notes with flip animations
…and no fingernails.

…which is why I don’t tinker with this blog myself – I can barely find my keyboard under all this junk.

phats says:

When you graduate from ‘The Thing’ to the inevitable ‘Next Thing’, I think you should auction the old one on Trademe.