Second Draft

The other night, when far too tired to work (long, long party…) on ‘For the Time After’ (which I may rename to ‘After You’ve Gone’) I wrote another of my ‘Stories I Should Never Write’ entitled ‘Post Mortem Rudeness.’ A delightful tale of zombie revenge from the grave. ‘Twas a straight run of writing the near one thousand words… And I’m not sure whether I should give it an edit.
     Traditionally these ‘quickies/shorties’ I write and then post; they’re writing exercises and little more. Yet I seem tempted to give this one a polish. Possibly because I think it could end, well, better (like that sentence). Possibly because there a few jokes I didn’t get to cram in. Mostly because it might be informative to post both the first draft and the second draft and see if anyone ever comments upon the differences… So, as an HORansome first, you get two versions of the same story (actually, if my files were complete this would have already happened; one of the ‘Servant’ stories that is missing, presumed lost, was, to my horror after the fact, a virtual retread of an earlier story). Read on and enjoy.

          Post Mortem Rudeness [First Draft] [Second Draft]

Hmm. Not sure whether the second draft really improves it…