PhD – In Defense of Conspiracy Theories

Back at the end of 2005 I started the very long process of trying to get a new PhD project off of the ground. Conspiracy theories are not considered to be very respectable and studying them possibly even less so. The only thing that seemed to sway some of the members of the graduate committee was that Brian L. Keeley’s paper, ‘Of Conspiracy Theories,’ had been published in an A-list journal, the ‘Journal of Philosophy;’ if JoP thought conspiracy theories were worthy of philosophical contemplation, then maybe there was a PhD project to be undertaken after all.

I’m still surprised just how close my original proposal for the thesis resembles the finished product.

The thesis was completed in September 2011 and submitted that self-same month. The examiners’ reports came back in January and I passed my oral (with only very minor revisions required) in late February.

My thesis can be read here.

Update: You can read an updated version of my PhD in “The Philosophy of Conspiracy Theories”, published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2014.