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A piece of excised thesis: Charlie Sheen

People like LaRoche, who are prominent and considered to be well-read advocates of conspiracy theories, may not be the appropriate authorities when it comes to the evaluation of whether such theories are warranted. To conspiracy theorists of their ilk, however, the fact these people support particular conspiracy theories is taken to be an important factor as to why you and I should come to believe in such a theory. To use a quote from the “Los Angeles Times” as an illustrative example:

“But when someone with the gravitas of a Charlie Sheen issues a statement, anyone is forced to listen.”

Now, if Charlie Sheen were speaking on matters theatrical, then maybe his gravitas might be a reason to listen to him, but given that Charlie Sheen’s gravitas is being used as a reason for demanding the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, have a meeting to discuss the conspiracy theory that claims 9/11 was an inside job and not an act of terrorism by Al-Qaeda, you might be forgiven for wondering why an actor, unqualified in such matters, would be considered to be an appropriate authority on 9/11. Yet, for some proponents of conspiracy theories, someone like Sheen is such an authority.

[It’s possible Charlie will make it into chapter four, but in chapter one he’s just a dead weight. Like his acting, really.]