What's happening this week (and what happened last week – 4-9-17

Last week's agenda was:

  • Work on my paper for the `Trust, Expert Opinion and Policy' conference,
  • Prep for the podcast,
  • Finish work on a paper analysing what Lee Basham calls the 'public trust approach' and
  • Revise a paper on reasonable disagreements and conspiracy theories.

Well, the first didn't happen due to circumstances which made attending the conference impossible. The second did happen, as tomorrow's post will undoubtably show. Also, the next episode of the podcast will differ quite substantially from the others, in that we are playing around with the format. Expect Josh and me to be punchier. Maybe even punchable.

As for items 3 and 4; well, 3 is being worked upon, whilst 4 probably won't get a look in until I get back to Auckland in a fortnight. Last week found me having to write my report about my year as a Fellow at the ICUB, and despite it being a 'What I did on my holidays'-style report it took almost a day to write because I hate writing that kind of thing. On the plus side, I was very productive over the last twelve months.

So, this week's agenda is:

  • Prep for the podcast and
  • Finish work on a paper analysing what Lee Basham calls the 'public trust approach.'

Which is all I'll have time for; I have to pack and sort out a number of items here in Bucharest before I return to Auckland. I can confidently say that next week's agenda is 'Travel' and nothing more; once I leave Bucharest I'll be spending a few days in the U.K. before flying back to Auckland via LAX.

Better wipe that laptop before I go!