Personal Correspondence

This just in:

The US House and Senate voted for JASTA, a move which directly challenges the validity of the 9/11 Commission’s finding on the KSA role in 9/11, via the information in the 28 Pages. Are you and Robert Brotherton going to study all the US Senators and members of Congress for signs of “conspiracism” or “crippled epistemology”?

NB: Both US House and Senate voted for JASTA and then over-rode Obama’s veto.

Read this pro-Saudi shill for how the “theories of conspiracy theories” academics will read JASTA.

You and Brotherton are on the side of the bad guys … the pro-war party who have driven the world to the disaster we see in Iraq, Syria and Libya.

Your intellectual movement – “the theories of conspiracy theories” is exposed as pseudo-science. Nothing but a bunch of desperate academics in search of funding?


You are not a “philosopher”. You are a propagandist for the Western Military Industrial Complex, who sustains the “conspiracy theory” insult, as a way to discipline society on the the level of speech and thought.

I’d say ‘I guess that’s me told’, except it’s quite clear my correspondent has no idea what my work entails. I guess going and looking at my most recent paper on the problem with conspiracist critiques of belief in conspiracy theories is just too much work?