Addendum: More adventures in internet criticism

So, it seems my Shakespearean correspondent does read this blog, but, like my other dissenter from last week, I can only surmise that they haven’t really been paying attention.

Apparently I’m capable of actually evaluating any specific conspiracy; I guess the one hundred plus episodes of a podcast where Josh and meself offer our opinions on claims of conspiracy both historical and contemporary is not evidence of any capability to evaluate conspiracy theories. Colour me shocked! Shocked, I tells ya!

Also, I’m told that I’m a moron for not caring about the Authorship Controversy. So, let it be said that I’m sure the significance of this particular issue will have great bearing on such matters of import as Brexit, mass surveillance, and the imminent rise of neo-fascism in the West.

More news as it comes to hand.

Update: Just been told I am worthless.