Conspiracy Round-up – Christmas Eve 2014 Edition

Christmas is for giving and what says “Hey, Yuletide!” better than a bunch of conspiracy theory links. You are welcome; where’s my gift?

Gay people destroyed Wellington. Well, someone’s god punished Wellington for gay people. Apparently. File this under “The Government doesn’t want you to know the true cost of queerness.”

Following on from “Things the Government does not want you to know”, did you realise that terrorism is really just organised crime? On some level that’s actually true: a lot of the actions we talk about as “terrorist” are really “criminal, but occurring in a hotspot America is (unduly) interested in”. That’s why lots of seemingly terrorist activity by Caucasian Americans doesn’t seem to get called “terrorist”. But I’m digressing/polemicising. Did you know that terrorism is actually organised Jewish criminal behaviour? Yep, file this “report” under “Anti-semitic conspiracy theorising”.

Going back to talk about terrorist activity on American soil; apparently Edward Snowden released smoking gun evidence that 9/11 was an inside job. The details in this piece are really very hazy, but the gist is that the nano-thermite theory was actually part of a disinformation campaign by the Government to hide the fact that the Twin Towers were brought down by mini-nukes. Factionalisation in the Truther community sometimes gets very weird.

Ars Technica produces an argument (well, summarises and comments on the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry open letter) for calling people who doubt the scientific consensus on anthropogenic climate change “deniers” rather than “skeptics”. It’s all a matter of framing, and the Skeptics want their label back.

On the subject of framing: Americans aren’t so into Creationism as maybe we non-Americans like to think. Turns out that if you prod that belief the less sure some people become. It’s still a disturbingly high percentage of Americans who believe that a) god created the world and b) Adam and Eve were the progenitors of the human race, but still, vague hope?

Someone who doesn’t provide a glimmer of hope for the American people is Charles C. Johnson (not to be confused with Chuck Johnson). If you don’t know who he is and why he’s a spreader of often vile conspiracy theories, this New York Times piece is a good primer.

The Pope has been found guilty of conspiring to hide drug, human and child trafficking rings by the International Common law Court of Justice. Never heard of that court? I don’t blame you; it basically doesn’t exist outside of the imagination of Kevin Annett. Expect an episode of The Podcaster’s Guide to the Conspiracy to investigate these claims in more depth.

Also, this:

Not only is it creepy to watch Michael Jackson, who is dead, appear totally real on stage, dancing and singing with extremely sexually graphic female dancers, but there is so much satanic symbolism in this video, I can’t even begin to explain!

More here.

Other dead pop star news: the Beatles never really existed.

Finally, Julian Assange is fundraising to erect a life-size statue of himself. I don’t think I’ll be contributing any of my monies towards it.