Conspiracy Round-up 13-12-14


You might remember me from such blogposts as “Murky Politics” or “I wrote a book”. You probably don’t recall that ages ago I decided to do weekly, or fortnightly, or, as it turns out, bimonthly “Conspiracy Round-ups”, giving you a list of articles you could read (so as to better understand the mind that is Matthew R. X. Dentith).

Well, it’s time for one of those round-ups. Some of these links may now be considered “Of Historical Interest”.

Recently Josh and me’self talked about the Moon Landings and how one of the more interesting arguments against the hoax hypothesis is that we didn’t have the camera technology at the time to fake the footage. Now, friends of mine will now that I’m a gamer and I enjoy discussions about GPUs (ask me about vertexes someday!), so this article on graphics card maker Nvidia’s new lighting tech being used in the Unreal 4 engine to show that the so-called “anomalies” in the Moon landing footage are not anomalous at all almost makes my gaming look like research (which reminds me, I need to finish that post about the Assassin’s Creed games).

Another topic covered by the Podcaster’s Guide to the Conspiracy – the disappearance of MH17 – has got a new lease of life with the release of the preliminary report into the crash basically not really confirming or denying anything much at all. This post by Ken Perrott over at Open Parachute is a good summary of an altogether brief (34 page) report.

Dirty Politics update

Lest anyone think the publication of “Dirty Politics” put a dent in the dirty politicking machine that is elements of National’s support base (yes, and possibly the Party itself), the actions of Cam “Award winning blogger” Slater post the election should be the perfect antidote:

  • Criticising a nutritional scientist from Otago for doing her job (and, ironically, calling her out for being offensive on the internet). [Also reported here]
  • Attacking David Parker for questioning the exoneration of Judith Collins.
  • The growing list of people Slater thinks is the hacker Rawshark.
  • And there was “Slightly Left of Centre” which was to be the Whale Oil of the Left. A mysterious story, made all the more myterious-er by it having served its purpose (?) and promptly disappearing.

    And in old news to most of us, but still important news nonetheless, there was that inquiry into how Cam Slater obtained classified SIS documents before anyone else. Danyl at the Dim-Post posted his analysis and my take on the entire affair is that this is precisely the kind of thing certain conspiracy theorists keep warning us about: evidence of governmental malfeasance is being routinely reported and yet nothing seems to change. Given that the Government has just given our intelligence agencies even more power, it is not unreasonable to ask whether the Government governs for the people who for the organisations who claim to have the best interests of the said people at heart.


    Alice Walker, of “The Colour Purple” fame, seems to have like for some variation of the theories of David Icke.

    The Jesuits own the official Illuminati website. Also, news: The Illuminati have an official website?

    You know how people hide important social commentaries in their popular works? This video demonstrates the second layer to Anna Kendrick’s “Pitch Perfect”.

    Finally, this isn’t so much about conspiracies (although it’s possible to parse this as one): It’s OK to admit that H. P. Lovecraft was racist.

    Because he was, and arguably some of the horror in his fiction came out of Lovecraft’s distaste towards anyone who wasn’t of decent English or Germanic stock. As people are claiming, possibly as a kind of defensive reaction to the apparently sudden realisation Lovecraft was really very racist indeed, he has been a major influence on modern horror, as argued here.