Conspiracy Corner – Saying Goodbye to the tune of Tamiflu

Last week was, unexpectedly, the last in the current series of “Conspiracy Corners”. Due to some changes occurring to bFM’s Breakfast Show, the segment is on hiatus, although I’ve been told it might be resurrected at some point in the future.

“Conspiracy Corner with Matthew Dentith” had a decent run: February 2011 to April 2014. If we add in the previous incarnation, “The Dentith Files” then I’ve been part of the bFM soundscape since 2008. That means the Laphroaig Quarter Cask I was drinking last night was made, bottled and consumed during my time on air. When you can measure a career in the media discussing conspiracy theories by the age of a good whisky, then something is right in the world.

I’m kind of tempted to continue the Conspiracy Corner format off of my own bat, producing a weekly, eight minute-esque podcast. If I do, however, it won’t be for a few weeks; the book is due with the publisher in six days and then I have a few assignments, all which need taking care of. If the podcast eventuates (I’m thinking of calling it “The Podcaster’s Guide to the Conspiracy”, since Douglas Adams’ references is what I’m about, basically), I’m going to have to solve the issue of how to host it, et cetera. It’s quite possible that I’ll go “Bugger this for a lark; I’m just spend my time writing another book!” (I am going to write another book, but I won’t be talking about that until such time the current one is actually out.)

Hopefully this isn’t really “Goodbye to all that!” but rather “See you soon!” Still, in case it is a case of the former, I’d like to say thanks to the bFM team for putting up with me all these years.

Particular thanks to my producers: Imogen Barrer, Esther MacIntyre, Lucas Jensen-Carey and Ellen Moorhead.

Special thanks for the actual on air talent who had to put up with my diatribes and sometimes quite overt moralising: Connor Nestor, Vince Wynn, Zac Arnold and Ethan McAuley.

So, what did I go out on? Well, last week we discussed the Tamiflu scandal, a story about a little drug that doesn’t really do what it says on the packet, but all the governments in the world still want to stockpile it.


Josh says:

But anyway, yeah if you do decide to give podcasting a go, I’d be keen to collaborate. It might be tricky to pick a regular time to get together for it, but I’m sure I could manage once a week.