Conspiracy Corner – The Philosophy of Conspiracy Theories

Do you know that I didn’t at any point mention on the radio last year that I was (and still am come 2014) writing a book on conspiracy theories and philosophy? It seems weird in retrospect; we meant to announce it and then either I’d forget or Ethan and Zac would forget and then it just got awkward. So, anyway, I’m writing a book and I recommend you don’t buy it.

Recommending you don’t buy it isn’t me trying to stop the world from reading my wise words or appreciating the strength of my cutting arguments; all I’m saying is that it’s a trade academic publication and thus it’s going to be expensive. Jovan Byford’s “Conspiracy Theories: An Introduction”, published by the same people who will be putting out “The Philosophy of Conspiracy Theories”, is usually US$90 a copy; I suspect my book will be in the same price range and thus not the kind of thing you might buy as a stocking stuffer. ((If the book ever becomes a paperback, that might change, but that would require people buying sufficient copies to justify a second print run; you can see the problem.))

So, please do buy my book if you can (I say, realising that my publisher might find these words).

Now that I’m pre-recording the segments (due to a change in my lifestyle choices) I plan to talk more about the structure of the book and what’s in it over the next few months. So, some weeks it’ll be the new format Conspiracy Corner as normal but, from time to time, it’ll be “Chapter 1 – The Summary!” and so on.

However, for the time being, how about some light jazz?