The New Year (and a Conspiracy Corner about Colin Craig and the Media)

Normally I start the new year with a post about how I meant to spend the last year blogging (but failed to) and how this year will be different. Well, no more; this year is going to be weird. I am finishing off my book (which I thought I’d blog more about but didn’t) and I’m enrolled in a teaching degree; I’m really not quite sure how sleeping, eating and the other thing will fit into my already busy schedule.

As for radio-related hijinks; my new timetable precludes me from doing the segment in studio or over the phone, so at the moment everything is in limbo. The fine people at bFM still want me and I still want to be part of the fine people on the radio at bFM, so the plan, thus far, is to do some form of pre-record, either with Zac or without. Last week’s segment, on whether there is a conspiracy by the Media to get Colin Craig into Parliament (not the band; the seat of Government) was an experiment by me to see just how well (or badly) by recording equipment at home really is.

My, but I’m fond of brackets and semi-colons today.

How this will proceed in the weeks to come is a mystery. I have a few ideas which might suit pre-records, such as an occasional interview series with conspiracy theory theorists about what they think about conspiracy theories, as well as a few reappearances by the Pork Board.

In other news about conspiracy theory theorists, Kirby Ferguson, of “Everything is a Remix” fame, has a new web-based documentary series coming out called “This Is Not A Conspiracy”.

More information about the series can be found here. I liked the first episode but I should warn you that subsequent episodes will only be available via subscription.

Now, if you don’t mind, I have to write a lesson plan about a quick image I’ve been given. Then it’s back to the book.