Conspiracy Corner – The Year That Was And Still Is

Every Thursday, about 8:15am, Matthew talks with Zac about conspiracy theories on 95bFM’s “Breakfast Show”.

So, 2013, the Year…

Well, not the year everything changed. Not the year of the Gannet. Possibly the year of Alex Jones. Whatever the case, it was a year and whilst it’s not quite over, it is the end of “Conspiracy Corner” for 2013. Any conspiracies that happen between now and the middle of January you will have to investigate yourself.

I’ll be back at it next year, although the segment’s time slot might change. At this stage, pending other news, I’ll be engaged in a Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Primary), which is a full year course starting the 20th of January. As such, I’m going to have a rather full timetable, but the good people at bFM (and the evil people) have said something can be worked out.

Otherwise, blame the Pork Board.

Until next year, keep washing the pies!


Josh says:

Oh dear – your co-host mentioned the robot from Clone High and you didn’t immediately reply “Wesleeeey” AS REQUIRED BY LAW. You’ll be hearing from my solicitor.

I know; it was very embarrassing for all and I’m going to pretend Manu Taylor, the station manager, took me to one side and told me I have to up my game next year if they’re going to continue not paying for my time.