Conspiracy Corner – The Alex Jones Demonisation Theory

Every Thursday, about 8:15am, Matthew talks with Zac (with Lucas lurking on the sidelines) on 95bFM’s “Breakfast Show” about conspiracy theories.

Alex Jones has been at it again, making links between gun shooting atrocities which place the blame on the American State seeking to control its citizens rather than on what seems to be a plausible (but harder to deal with) explanation, which is that there is something wrong in America’s love of unregulated weaponry.

But not just that: Jones also seems to think that such atrocities are being used to demonise him and the fellow travellers who hang out at Infowars(.com).

Normally I would write a long piece to accompany the link to the segment, but this week I’m running up against deadlines, so here’s a link to what Jones’s said, and here’s me on the topic.