Conspiracy Corner – Novel Inferno

So, this week we talked a little about Dan Brown and his latest piece of fiction, “Inferno”. You may well have read my review of the book; now you can listen to me not really spoil it on the radio (although I do spoil the previous Robert Langdon books, mostly because I still can’t believe the twist at the end of “The Lost Symbol”).

I should like to note here and now that I’m being possibly a tad too dogmatic in that segment about the possibility of an organisation like the Consortium actually existing. It certainly is possible that organisations like the Consortium exist, for the sheer fact that there are organisations out there which will happily help you cheat on your partner for a price (and if you’ve ever bought porn with a credit card, you’ll be aware that the companies that sell such wares tend to have very innocuous billing names). However, I’m doubtful that the Consortium-qua-the organisation Dan Brown claims to be referencing exists (although if they do exist and they are responsible for the Iraq dossier, as he claims they were, then they aren’t all that good at their jobs ((For the sheer fact that no one outside the American and British Establishments ever believed the dossier was anything other than fiction masquerading as fact.)).