Notice of a forthcoming review: “Inferno” by Dan Brown

Hello, regular reader(s).

At some point tomorrow (or maybe Wednesday), Dan Brown’s latest Robert Langdon novel, “Inferno” will arrive on my e-reader, at which point I will be consuming the book like someone who reads conspiracy theories for a living and is about to die. I will be live-tweeting my thoughts on the book, hashtag #infernal, so follow that hashtag if you dare.

I’ll also be constructing a review of “Inferno” on the blog: basically I plan to read a few chapters, review what I’ve read and then update that review in a new post a few chapters later. If you can be bothered to read such a series of hastily scrabbled together words in constructions I laughingly call “sentences”, then you’ll get to see my developing thoughts on “Inferno”. If you can’t be bothered, then you can skip to the last review and thank the gods above and the gods below that you don’t have to read Dan Brown novels for a living.

Not that I’m currently making money of being a conspiracy theory theorist.

You can read my review of the last Dan Brown novel, “The Lost Symbol”, here.