Conspiracy Corner – The Alex Jones Effect

So, I’ll get this out of the way now: I say the n-word in the first Conspiracy Corner of the year. Not because I’m now scripted by Quentin Tarantino or because I’ve adopted new and racist resolutions for the coming year but, because, it seemed like the easiest shortcut to get across a kind of racist mentality held by some people on the American Right.

However, I deeply regret using the n-word because, well, it’s offensive and, frankly, my audience is intelligent enough (for the most part: someone called in after the segment to protest that societies with gun control laws end up being totalitarian states; one of his examples was the Roman Empire…) to not need me to take such shortcuts.

So, no conditional apology from me.

So, with that said, last week’s “Conspiracy Corner with Yours Truly” was on Alex Jones’s now famous appearance on Piers Morgan’s talk show. You can watch this rather spectacular “Shout nonsense at Piers” in the clips below and then listen to my thoughts on the whole gun (not “gin” as I originally typed) control in the audio clip below.

Alex Jones and Piers Morgan

Conspiracy Corner


Josh says:

Your readership is bigger than mine; might as well whore myself here:

In which I mention that, if you’re looking for gun control conspiracy theories, the biggest beneficiaries of mass shootings (so far at least) have been the gun industry and the NRA…

Actually, if you reading the comments thread, so go have a look at Josh’s piece over at “Fish Bowl Toaster” because, well, he’s got a better turn of phrase than me and, frankly, his op-ed (as I shall call his output from here on in) is good analysis.

In no way is this an advertorial. Absolutely no way. How dare you even think that.