The New Year


In another possible world I would be writing this post from the (relative) comfort of Cambridge, where I would be just starting my post-doc in the “Conspiracy and Democracy” programme at CRASSH, but that didn’t come to pass in the actual world; I am still in Auckland, I am still unemployed and I am currently regretting not owning an electric fan.

2013 has not started well. Still, let us not focus on the negatives.

Well, actually, lets. For example, Kerry Bolton has written what I suspect he thinks is a withering attack on my qualities over at Counter-Currents Publishing. Bolton, for those not in the know, is a bit of a radical figure in right-wing politics here in Aotearoa me Te Wai Pounamu (New Zealand), to put it lightly. I suspect he is trying to give as good as he has gotten, as New Zealand academia has not been kind to him (although I would hardly say criticism of him has been unfair). I would be worried about Bolton calling into question my doctoral qualification, but the extent of his criticism is that I wrote a succinct thesis and could have cited more widely.

Still, check out the comments thread to assess for yourselves the calibre of his fellow travellers. If I was Bolton I’d be quietly embarrassed that no matter what he does to try and look like a respectable member of the far-right, his friends keep talking up the whole “racial purity/white supremacism” thing.

Relatedly, the John Ansell bandwagon seems to have stopped (sometime in November if the lack of posts there is any indication), although possibly they’ve moved the discussions to e-mail lists and the like (things were getting messy). Given that Ansell wasn’t saying anything particularly new (and thus interesting) I had stopped paying attention to “Treatygate” fiasco, but Queen of Thorns (a much better and prolific blogger than me) wrote a post about it, extolling my virtue, so… Well, the lesson here is that the people of the extreme right hate me, whilst those on the Left (for the most part – there are some notable exceptions) love me.

Which kind of plays into Bolton’s attempt at character assassination. Damnit!

My biggest regret of 2012? That Aspen, who took me to task for criticising his thesis that “Doctor Who” is really a vessel for revealing the Illuminati blueprint, failed to live up to his (e-mailed) promise to take me down.

So, what’s actually new? Well, “Conspiracy Corner with Dr. Dentith” resumes next week and I’ve got a wealth of content to draw upon. For example, the whole “Alex Jones shouts at Piers Morgan” debacle, along with the strange (and likely fictitious) story of John McAfee’s spy operation in Belize is fodder enough for a fortnight. If you add in the talk about the spying on, and classification of, the ‘terrorist’ “Occupy Movement,” which is making the rounds (yes, it’s a Naomi Wolf piece and, I agree, she seems a bit suspect at the moment) I can definitely make the beginning of February before I do that desperation thing and use Google’s “Feeling lucky?” to find a suitable topic.

Still, David Bowie has a new single (and a forthcoming new album), so life, at the very least, is going to get better. I bet someone has already written a post about how the video encodes hints about the coming NWO.

It seems they haven’t.

Give it time.


Edward says:

You weren’t kidding about Bolton’s followers – I had the displeasure of following your advice and seeing the ‘mood’ on his site for myself. To quote ‘White Republican’:

“Would it be too much to say that these witchdoctors deserve to be “necklaced” (i.e., have a petrol-soaked tyre tied around their neck and set alight) to give them a taste of their own medicine? This remark might sound extreme, but considering what these people have done and are doing collectively, it is actually quite moderate.”

Sometimes you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep…