A week of being a resident doomsday expert

Well, the world failed to end on Friday and thus I was not shown up as an idiot on national TV.

Well, if I was shown up to be an idiot, it wasn’t because I downplayed the possibility of epic disaster on the 21st of December, 2012.

Anyway, the last week has been a bit harried; I was asked to contribute to a Science Media Centre press release about the end of the world, spoke to Duncan Garner over at Radio Live about the same such matter, fielded questions from Mike Hoskings on 1ZB, appeared on TV3’s “Firstline” (at the very early time of 7:15am, which was apocalyptic for my lazy body) and was a guest on the last “Media 3” of the year (which marked my first, but hopefully not last, time working with Pam Corkery).

Plus we finished off another year of “Conspiracy Corner” over at bFM with a review of the year.

So, busy. Of course, despite there being a wealth of imminent doomsday theories still in play, only some doomsday theories ever make the news. So, whilst this has been a busy (and productive) time, I’ll probably lapse back in obscurity for the next wee while. Still, it’s not the end of the world.


Really, sorry.

Interview with Duncan Garner (starts about twelve minutes in) – 3:55pm, 19/12/2012, Radio Live

The last (for 2012) bFM segment – 8:15am, 20/12/2012, 95bFM

Interview with Mike Hoskings (starts about four minutes in) – 7:15am, 21/12/2012, NewsTalk ZB

Interview with Samantha Hayes, 7:15am, 21/12/2012, Firstline (TV3)

Media 3 – 10:25am, 22/12/2012, TV3