Conspiracy Corner – Treatygategate

Well, this week was, predictably, all about John Ansell’s “Treatygate” and, if you’ve read this post and this post from earlier in the week, the following broadcast really contains no new information whatsoever.

Also, I do apologise for the ending of the segment: we had so much material to cover that, basically, all I could do to summarise what I thought about Ansell and his campaign was to riff on the whole “Sad, old, out of touch man” thing that we young race traitors, who do not respect the silent majority, have a tendency to indulge in.

One note: I refer to John Robinson, author of “The Corruption of New Zealand Democracy: A Treaty Overview” as “D. G. Robinson.” These are not the same person: I had a momentary failure of reference. Sorry, Denis. Don’t know what came over me.


Johnny says:

Hi, Dr Dentith, what is the source of the segement? Clearly you are one of its participants, but who was your host? Is it university radio or something?

My segment is on 95bFM, the University of Auckland’s student radio station.