My Life With Icke – Part 4

On the rulers of this prison planet

If you have been waiting anxiously for talk of reptiles, people of Jewish descent and Satanists, this is the post for you. Having covered Icke’s phenomenology and theories about the Moon and Saturn, let me move on to the third section of his eleven hour talk, where he described, in angry tones, the four groups which he claims have control over us, the denizens of the prison planet/our hologrammatic reality.

For reasons which will become all too clear, Icke decided to initially talk about three of the four controlling interests, which are:

  • The Freemasons
  • Satanists
  • Child-abusers (and their support networks)
  • That’s quite a trinity all on its own.

    It’s also not a surprising set of “bad people who ruin the world for the rest of us:” for example, Aotearoa me Te Wai Pounamu’s (New Zealand) Greg Hallet and the Spymaster (the Spymaster has a real name but won’t let anyone know it… or is Greg Hallet’s alter-ego, much like HORansome is mine) have argued for a long time that our political masters are non-Christian child abusers who also happen to be homosexuals. Child abuse and Satanism is a well-worn link in many conspiracy theories, and Satanism and Freemasonry has a similar association.

    Icke argued that whilst not all Freemasons are child abusers, all child abusers are Freemasons. He thinks there are some honest Freemasons who are utterly unaware that their organisation is really just a child abusers’ social club, but to become a high-ranking Mason requires that you are, or become, a child abuser.

    Given that Icke thinks that Saturn is the source for the signal that prisons us in five-sense reality and he also believes that Saturn and Satan are one and the same, Satanists are a logical choice for yet another of the groups which control the prison planet. Still, I suspect Icke’s newfound interest in Satanic Saturn comes from his pre-existing fascination with Satanism in general, and given that the Freemasons have long been attacked for their engagement in the Black Arts ((This is the organisation, remember, that apparently was founded by the Knights Templar, who were, apparently, notorious Satanists… Or, if you don’t buy that origin story, the Freemasons are a pre-Christian cult, and most world religions are apparently based around snake worship, so obviously the Freemasons are snake-cum-Satanists… Or something like that.)), they are obviously part of the system of control.

    All three of these groups engage in vampiric activity: you might recall that the entities that control us feed upon our base fears: child abusers are just another kind of vampire, one that prays on base emotion rather than (solely) on blood. “They” abuse children because it provides “them” with energy. When the child is completely drained, their bodies are sent off to crematoria where the bodies are then disposed of: yes, the reptilian hybrids control the furnaces too.

    Still, all of this was really a prelude to the “Yes, but…” moment that is Icke and the Jewish people. For, as you probably expected, the fourth group which Icke singles out as being part of the system of control is the Jews.

    Well, not the Jews. Zionists.

    Well, not Zionists exactly: Rothschild-Zionists.

    Confused? Read on.

    Icke has been accused of being an anti-Semite. He has been accused an awful lot. As my friend Isaac pointed out in one of the breaks, Icke’s response to that accusation is always a “Yes, but…” manoeuvre, which is meant to signal “No, I’m not an anti-semite, really” but almost always makes the problem look so much worse.

    Icke denies that he is an anti-Semite. Rather, he is anti-Zionist. Well, specifically, an anti-Rothschild-Zionist. In some cases he will claim that he is an anti-Semite, but only with respect to hybrid Jewish people: he’s fine with human’s who have Jewish ancestry. Every time he tries to lay out these distinctions, he gets into trouble. This is because when you finesse Icke’s claims about what he really believes about the state of Israel, Zionism and Judaism, he really does seem to be an anti-Semite (although you also get the impression that he doesn’t realise this). Despite his claims, his theory seems to lead him to anti-Semitism.

    So, what is this Rothschild-Zionism that Icke is so concerned with. Well, Zionism is obviously Zionism (I say, channeling the spectre of the terrible Ayn Rand), but Rothschild-Zionism is the claim that the State of Israel is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Rothschild family and their interests. For Icke, Israel is not a nation but part of a global conglomerate that is run for and by business.

    Icke does not like the Rothschilds. Amongst the list of things the Rothschilds are responsible for are the Simon Wiesenthal Center (a “worthless” instituition, according to Icke) and Mossad (the enforcement arm of the Rothschild family). Claiming that the Simon Wiensthal Centre is worthless is an interesting claim: I would have thought that if you were distinguishing between Rothschild-Zionists and the Jewish people (I hesitate to say “proper” here), you might think that the Wiesenthal Centre’s work might be tarnished but still worthy.

    Let us not forget (although first we might need to know) that the Arab Spring is a Rothschild plot. Well, let us imagine that it is before we forget about it. Icke is deadset against the revolutions in the Arab world, because he thinks they are a precursor to the third world war. He heaped especial scorn on the role of social media and Google in the fomenting of these revolutions, because Google, et al, are all Rothschild organisations.

    But back to Israel.

    Icke argues quite reasonably that we need to distinguish between Zionism and Judaism. He, correctly, pointed out that you can be Jewish without being a Zionist and that there are Zionists who are not Jewish. He singles out Zionists as being the problem but he then falls back on the usual canards of anti-Semites. He talks about the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” as being a blueprint for a master plan to take over the world (he admits that the work itself is fake but buys into the notion that it’s fake that happens to reveal an actual masterplan: remember, the hybrids like to hide evidence of their plans everywhere). He talks about the purported practice of Jewish people drinking the blood of Gentiles (since it ties in the vampirism he says the hybrids practice) and the infiltration of the media industry. These are not new arguments, and they come straight out of the anti-Semite playbook.

    More importantly, why Rothschild-Zionism? Why the Rothschilds? Why this group which, really, isn’t actually that big or important on the world stage (for example, why not talk about China and Falun Gong?)? I hate to be so frank, but Zionism is one of those things which seems bigger than it really is. Don’t get me wrong: the conflict between Israel and Palestine is a terrible thing, the Holocaust was a terrible thing, but the actual role of Israel and the weight of Zionism as a movement is not as big a political issue as maybe we, in the West, think it is. To say that Rothschild-Zionism is one of the four great evils really just seems to be a way of preserving traditional European anti-Semitism and dressing it up with a new name and a new reason as to why we can be suspicious of, or dislike, the Jewish people. In the old days they drank the blood of children: now they are the vassals of inter-dimensional big business. Signalling out the Rothschilds (a Jewish family) as being of similar kind to Satanists and child abusers is, at the very least, a weird thing to do and seems suspiciously like the kind of thing people like Icke have been doing for centuries: blaming a group of outsiders for their self-made problems.

    So, what is it that these people (the Four) want, you might ask? Well, an electric one world currency, for a start. If we had a completely electronic commerce system, then “they” could control what we can and cannot buy. This, combined with their complete control of the ratings agencies and baking systems, means they can control us economically, which is important to know, because this will lead to a war with China, a war we will lose.

    Ah, yes, the forthcoming war. The Arab Spring, fomented by the Rothschilds and Google, will lead to a fight with China. We in the West will not win this fight and when China takes over the Illuminati will be able to take complete control over our lives. I spent some time trying to work out why this Illuminati plot is so convoluted, because it seems to me that a far simpler way to gain this control over our lives would simply to not let the Enlightenment have ever happened. Icke thinks of China as a monolithic state which controls everything (a dramatic simplification that ignores the role of regional authorities in China and overemphasises the power of Beijing), which looks an awful lot like Europe several centuries ago. Why let the Enlightenment project ever take hold if all you are going to do is take it all back? I’m assuming it has something to do with giving us the illusion of choice and tapping into our base fears and the like, but this is hardly a convincing argument. The West likes to think it is exciting and modern and trendy, and that all nation states aspire to be Western and that most states are like us, but that simply isn’t true. Icke, like so many Westerners, sees the rest of the world as being, if not Western, Western-like. He fails to realise just how small the West, and its culture, really is.

    Let me finish this section on a curious note. Isaac and I began to notice that Icke kept saying “You humans…” this and “You humans…” that, as if he was not human anymore. Does Icke think he has advanced beyond mere human identity, or is he, in some way, admitting what he really is. Is Icke part of the system of control, a messiah of disinformation designed to keep us trapped in this five-sense reality? Certainly, it is interesting that the masters of the prison planet let Icke talk about his revelations. If what he says is true, then surely they would want to be rid of him. Perhaps he is one of them. Part of Icke’s thesis about the masters is that they can’t help but leave clues to their existence in our culture and their works. Is Icke one of them? Or is he just completely wrong aboout the prison planet, the hologrammatic nature of reality and science?

    Yes. Yes he is. More on that next time.