#twecon update

#twecon, the conference that takes place on Twitter, via the medium of tweets, takes place on July the 11th.

Here are some of the papers you can expect:

HORansome – The problem with official theories

DCBCauchi – Perspective painting proves nothing exists

stacefamily – Moving beyond love and luck: building right relationships and respecting lived experience in New Zealand autism policy

In 1997 a mother killed her autistic daughter but in spite of much policy attention since, ASD remains a ‘wicked’ problem. Why?

stutterdude – Stuttering Fun Facts: things you might not have known about stuttering

monkeyfluids – A meta-comedic defence of touchy topics

Plus many more.


Steve Parkes says:

Couple of questions, pretty sure answers are ‘no’, but just to check:

1 – is there a limit to the number of papers per person?
2 – do they have to be in English?

You are correct; you can give as many papers as you like (I might give two) and they don’t have to be in English. Indeed, one paper might be in, or contain a lot of, Rarotongan.