No pieces of excised thesis for you!

What ho, everyone, I have good news!

Well, I have news about a lack of news. That’s “good” in its own respect, surely, since I’ve not really “said” anything to you, my precious internet community, for a few weeks now.

I’ve not posted any excised snippets of thesis recently because, well, I haven’t really excised anything of note recently. The last chapter I finished drafting, on the role of the intentions of the co-conspirators in conspiracy theories had a very large section ripped out of it, but it was a useless section that did no work and bogged down the flow of the thesis. There was precious little to recommend it to anyone and so it is gone.

Let us never talk about THAT section again.

As for the work itself; I’m now hard at work on redrafting chapter four, which is progressing at a very acceptable rate; chapter three, which is currently in the hands of a supervisor, was another almost complete rewrite, whilst chapter four, on the contrast between official and conspiracy theories merely (and I say that advisedly) needs its terminology updated and a section on what other philosophers think added in. Hopefully, by the end of next week, I’ll be reworking my material on rumours.

Or so the rumour has it ((I apologise; it was too easy a joke to make.)).

You might also be aware that I’m back on the radio. That goes well, although we just lost Vince and Connor, my compatriats in conspiratorial crime for the last six weeks to, well, rumour only knows. Next week I’m with the winning due of Zac and Ethan, who I am reliably told are excited to be working with me. Frankly, as long as I get to keep my golden throne and packets of Kendall Mint Cake, then I shall be happy with almost anyone.

Still, I really must get the producer to update the bCasts; they’re running a bit behind and last week’s session on Number Stations was, I think, a definite, not definitive, piece of radio…

I also going to be the subject of an interview on “The Irish Side of the Moon.”. More news on that as it comes to hand; we had a bit of trouble with the preliminary recording last week (I blame living on the other side of the world; the Aotearoa Side of the Moon, if you will) so we’re going to finish the bastard off, as Edmund Hillary might have said in similar circumstances, next week. Michael, my interlocutor, was great fan to talk with so I’m looking forward to doing it again.

One also thing before I go back to editing. Last month saw this blog get, on average, about 820 hits per day which is well above the average of 80 to 100 I’d normally get. Most of the new traffic was based around the Christchurch Earthquake posts, specifically the Ken Ring material. Now that the excitement over Ring’s prediction-cum-opinion has died down the massive hits have ceased. The increased popularity of the blog did have one interesting side effect; I went over my traffic allowance for March by one and an half gigs. OpenHost don’t seem to be too worried about that that; they sent me automated e-mails telling me I was over my limit.

The fame that came from passing comment on Ring and his prediction had other drawbacks as well; several of the comments on this thread were either mentally taxing to translate into readable English or threats of violence upon my person. I eventually gave up replying to the trolls, especially when it got to the point that I couldn’t tell who was trolling who and who was being sincere.

I still plan to write another post on the conspiracy theories around the earthquake and the significant aftershock; I am, as you may have gathered, a bit busy finishing this PhD. Still, it’s hols week after next, which means no teaching and thus I can use a few of those hours to draft the blogpost.

Then the hits and attacks can commence anew.