Conspiracy Corner – Glen Beck

Hello, everyone. Today’s show was on Glen Beck and, ostensibly, his views on the the Middle-East. We didn’t really get into any depth about the extent of Beck’s rather radical views on the series of popular uprisings in the Middle-East because, well, Beck is an interesting subject (with a superb radio voice; I could listen to him speak for hours if it weren’t for the things he says) in his own (very Conservative) right.

To a certain extent my interest in Beck and his radical belief that both Bushes and Obama are helping set up a Islamic world power in the ruins of Ancient Babylon has come from reading Little Green Footballs, a new item on the blogroll. Have a gander.


mike says:

i predicted christchurch sep 4th quake exact time it hit and place

Jake says:

To be honest, I’m a little concerned by the idea that Beck will head into new conspiracy theory territory where he can start picking up viewers for whom he wasn’t crazy enough.

Well, Beck’s losing advertisers and part of the more wacky ground is already covered by Alex Jones, who is as big, if not a bigger star, in the world of right-wing whacked-out conspiracy theories, so I think wherever Beck heads, it’s not going to grow his audience, just shift it at best.