Keeping those readership numbers up

So, not being one to confuse causation with correlation, I’ve been thinking long and hard about unique visits to this site and the associated frequency of my putting up blog posts, and I’ve come to an interesting conclusion. Now, I can;t just share this conclusion with you; I need to have my argument peer-reviewed and do some more tests, but I think I may have come up with something. Here’s a hint; blog post frequency seems to match visits.

Very exciting.

In less interesting news, the thesis goes well. I think I should have a final draft of this chapter (formally chapter six, now most likely to win “The New Chapter Three Pageant”) by Thursday; this afternoon I will spend a largish chunk of my increasingly precious time teasing out my reasoning to see that it holds. If it does, well, all I need to do is finesse a few examples and start a paragraph with:

In conclusion, what this shows, I have argued, is that…

If that all happens (and it should), then I’ll blog a noteworthy post on the chapter’s substantive content. I would do that now, but it’s better to “blow me load” on the thesis rather than the blog.



Stephanie says:

“In conclusion, what this shows, I have argued, is that…” –

please, you can write better than this.

I don’t know… At the moment it’s all verbiage and very little syntax.