A Conspiracy Week of Tweets 2010-08-29

  • The problem with writing a blogpost on reasonable disagreement is that I'm now reasonably disagreeing with the material I write yesterday. #
  • It's lucky I have no cash on my person; Mr. Whippy is outside and I'm tempted to stop being a vegan for some fat-based ice cream treats. #
  • Conspiracy Theory. Isnt it time for a NEW name? – I agree with some of the sentiment expressed in this post,… http://tumblr.com/xqugdzq6k #
  • Kitchen flooding… Gah. That wasted a large chunk of the afternoon, and it wasn't even my fault. #
  • "Quantum physicists might choose to emphasis parts of the evidence when they present explanations at parties, social events or Bar Mitzvahs #
  • Loved the last "Sherlock" until you know who appeared. Gatiss doesn't get what made that character so interesting; the anonymity. #
  • Tweeting from the tutorial. All the cool kids do it these days. #
  • I need an ice block. #
  • Perhaps I might skip "Media 7" tonight; my body is refusing to work with me today. #
  • Influx of sugar into my system might repair me. #
  • I quite like "Rubicon" but I have no idea what it's about. #
  • Watching the second to last ever episode of "Better Off Ted." Why did the world let this show die? #
  • We just reached 2000 signatures on the Toonstruck Two petition! Sign it at http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/toonstrucktwo #
  • Updated version of the local conspiracy theories map: https://www.mrxdentith.com/allembracing/allembracing/the-aotearoa-conspiracy-theory-map-wip/ #
  • I have spent too much time on the map today. This way leads to paranoia. #
  • Those last two tweets are comedy gold and do not reflect my actual opinions. #
  • Somedays can only be solved by an application of hot chips to the stomach area. #
  • I keep wondering when "Rubicon" is set. #
  • Need flowchart/diagramming software to do the update conspiracy theory map? Suggestions? Needs to run on OS X. #
  • "The blades slice across the glass, but they don't cut the blizzard of raindrops exploding ahead of me…" Wishart: http://bit.ly/aGWveu #
  • Playing around with Omnigraffle to remake the map, but I don't like how I have to use a set canvas size. That's just awkward. #


frank -- Decoding SwiftHack says:

Are you still looking for flowcharting/diagramming software? I use GraphViz, but it’s rather arcane (you need to specify your diagram in some sort of text language). Or you can try using Dia (which is graphical), or even OpenOffice Impress (it’s, well, the OpenOffice counterpart of Microsofft PowerPoint).

By the way, my “International Journal of Inactivism” is now “Decoding SwiftHack”, at http://climategate.tk/ — you may want to update your blogroll. 🙂

— frank

Despite the fact that I’m writing my thesis in LaTeX and thus am using arcane software, GraphViz scares me. I should really get over that and have a play with it.

I’ve updated the Blogroll; I’ve been following “Decoding Swifthack” via the RSS feed but completely forgot to change the link here. I really should just install a plugin for WordPress that imports and updates my GoogleReader feeds into the blog.