A Conspiracy Week of Tweets 2010-08-08

  • This week I am lucky in one thing and unlucky in another. Gah and yay. #
  • It's time like this I wish I had listened to my grandmother and bought some biscuits. #
  • Will DPF at Kiwiblog make anything of National saying they might work with Winston Peters? Probably not. #
  • RT @RoperDope: Very good! Kanye West's Tweets Matched With New Yorker Cartoons http://huff.to/9kEqTe (via @poundito) #
  • "mccloud daughters" continues to be the third most searched term that brings people to my blog. Sigh. #
  • Ever since installing ClickToFlash I find myself automatically closing webpages with lots of flash content due to "Bugger that" syndrome. #
  • Vegetarian and wondering what to make for dinner? Wonder no more: http://whatthefuckshouldimakefordinner.com/veg.php #
  • "Sherlock Holmes" is good, but not as good as "Without a Clue." #
  • I just signed the Toonstruck Two petition (signature #677 at http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/toonstrucktwo #