Worst Conspiracy Theory Ever

Well, possibly not, but Poneke, who swallows all the codswallop when it comes to Conspiracy Theories concerning Anthropogenic Climate Change, has suggested that there is a Conspiracy on the part of the Science Media Centre (who run SciBlogs) to increase their site hits by attacking Anthropogenic Climate Change Skeptics like Poneke ((He points to two particular posts, one by Grant Jacobs and the other by Ken Perrott, as exemplars of the conspiratorial machinations of the SMC and its SciBlogs.)).

I draw your attention to this for two reasons.

The first is that Poneke’s post really does look like a typical example of the kind of persecution complex many Conspiracy Theorists express when they get criticised for, in many cases, presenting overwrought, bad, arguments in favour of their position. Rather than admit that their reasoning might be specious they resort to inferring the real reason for criticism is that the critics are conspiring against them.

The second reason is that if it turns out Poneke is right, then I’d like in on that SMC action; if criticising Poneke is going to get me some hits, then add me to the Conspiracy, guys. I mean, as we saw with the ‘robust’ commentary here during my ‘flirtation’ with the 9/11 Truth Movement, I’m either a dupe to the Conspiracy or a participating member of it. Now, I’m fairly sure I was neither in regards to 9/11; I was just arguing from the evidence and looking at the inferences, and one result of that, not one I intended, was a fairly good increase in site hits over the fortnight. However, those ‘fans’ ((Really must stop using air quotes.)) have gone away and the comment threads are all empty again.

So, mysterious Conspirators of Climate Change, let me in! ((Actually, maybe I am already in on it; I have been given a tentative invitation to join the SciBlog team in the ‘second wave,’ which all rather sounds like maybe I am a potential shill for the Conspiracy after all.)) Or don’t. Either way, no matter what you do, certain Conspiracy Theorists will take that as proof positive something is up.


Edward says:

This isn’t at all related to your post (the climate change denialists give me a headache) other then that a while ago I came across similar ‘I can’t be wrong, you must be a conspirator’ thinking in a rather depressing discussion I had with some westie anti-treaty pro-celt blog:


The long-winded comments thread shows the constant shifting of goal posts and ignoring of valid counter-points we’ve all come to love and expect from run of the mill conspiracy theorists. I thought it might be a nice example anyway.

Marinus says:

The ‘second wave’ of black metal was way more influential, eye-catching and extreme than the first, if makes you feel better.

Extreme Anthropogenic Climate Change is what I’m all for.

Mark says:

Being a potential shill for the Conspiracy is all very well, but to become an actual one you have to demonstrate your commitment by making an unprovoked attack on some poor defenceless old person–oops I meant climate change denier.

Rest assured that the illuminati are favourably impressed by this post.

I choose Garth George as my target.

News just in; hits are up.

Giovanni says:

Here’s another theory: anthropogenic climate change, and I mean for real, therefore going right back to the industrial revolution, is actually all an elaborate ruse to drive Poneke’s traffic.

Wake up, people.

You’ve got us. Damn you all to hell!

You being the humans who know that we apes want to take over.

bi -- IJI says:

Ah, I can see it now! Arrhenius, the “greenhouse effect” scientist and eugenicist, single-handedly put in motion a grand conspiracy involving the triumph of fossil fuels, the rise of eugenics, the creation of the climate crisis, and the birth of global warming denialism, all for the grand purpose of driving up Poneke’s traffic!

Now all you sheeple may find this notion hilarious, but remember, they laughed at Galileo too. In this day and age of free-speech, no longer can the Inquisitions of the Orthodoxies burn Heretics at the stake, as more and more people open their eyes to the Poneke Web-Traffic Scam. Magna est veritas, et praevalet!


You and your Latin tags… You can just foist this disinformation upon us and expect to believe it just because you know the venerable tongue. No, it is obvious you were sent here by Poneke to create a silly argument to distract us from the very real truth of the matter; the real Conspiracy is that the Priory of Sion is bankrolling Global Warming to set up a Dadaist state, with Poneke, Monckton and David Icke as the triumvirate who will lead us to poverty and squalor.

I think it might go deeper than that, I’m reopening the file on the carboniferous age. “Lack of bacteria who could break down dead tissues”? Tell it to somebody who’ll believe it, pal.