Back at work

And so it came to pass that he entered the last year of his PhD…

I’m hoping that by this time next year that statement has been proven to be true, but, even if it hasn’t, this is the year the serious work of writing the final chapter and editing, editing, editing, begins.

Well, it should. I’ve done diddly-squat, really, since the 1st of January; I did reorganise my file directory and created new LaTeX files for the ‘2010’ folder. I also investigated ConTeXt and Docbook to see if they offered any advantages over LaTeX (this is the time of year where I arbitrarily change things, just to see what happened; I almost changed the blog layout totally twice on the 2nd), but they do not.

And now I’m writing a blogpost. In fact, to delay doing work even further I’m going over to the Library to look at the latest issue of ‘Uncensored,’ which has another Celtic New Zealand article.

Then I might get to work on revising the second-to-last chapter.