‘The Lost Symbol’ – First thoughts

Despite the fact (well, because of the fact) that Dan Brown’s latest page turner does not come out until 11:01 tomorrow morning, the first chapter and prologue have been deemed fit enough to grace pages 10 and 11 of the front section of today’s Herald.

First thoughts? Well, the prose is no better and, once again, we get a short section with the villain (although whoever he is, he is bound to be a patsy for the real enemy) of the piece; Dan Brown has his formula and it seems having the weight of the publishing world upon his shoulders will not stop him from sticking to it.

Second, more rarefied thoughts… Well, it looks like the Freemasons will be the group under attack and it’s fairly safe to assume that Robert Langdon’s rich mentor, Peter Solomon, will be a prominent Mason who will have to reveal all to his ward about halfway through the novel.

Which I shall be devouring tomorrow, in the line of a Sineater rather than a devoted fan. Expect more thoughts by Wednesday, and regular tweets on the subject tomorrow.