Rejection once more

Well, the paper on Rumours and Conspiracy Theories has got its second rejection from the journal and, like last time, I received a largely positive review (it features a few points I’m going to take note of; not so much criticisms but things that could feature as footnotes) and a negative review (which was nowhere near as cutting as the last negative review). Normal practice at this point is to repackage the blighter and send if off to another journal, but I do want to have a quick look over it… And the last time I did a quick look over the paper I spent five days on it; don’t have time for that at the moment. I’m a wee bit behind on the current chapter and it needs to be finished.

In related news. one of the reasons why I’m so behind on work is the film festival occurring here in Auckland; eleven films watched so far and two more to go.

Which isn’t the best of excuses for not doing work but, then again, it’s an excuse and I’m sticking by it.