The Dentith Files – The Hollow Earth

Between 2008 and 2010, Matthew Dentith first joined 95bFM’s Simon Pound, then José Barbosa, on Sunday mornings to talk about conspiracy theories. Listen, as they say, again!

Rather a fast, fun-filled excursion into the interior of the this planet we call home; possibly not the most indepth review of such Conspiracy Theories and it is filled with ill-pronounced mentions of Vālkisch.

Anyway, of more interest to my readers (and to myself) is David Farrier’s quest to find the Mongolian Death Worm. I’m an avid reader of the Fortean Times and I know of this cyptid (given the stories of its deadliness I sort of hope Davd doesn’t find it; otherwise the documentary he is making will likely end up being the Fortean version of ‘The Blair Witch Project’). Check out his interview from today’s show here; well worth a listen. Then take a wander over to his website.


llewelly says:

Thanks for this. One of my favorite myths … dunno why.

On a different topic – I was wondering if you had ever thought about doing one on Thor Heyerdahl – not really a conspiracy theorist, but he had some interesting alt-history ideas (which ran counter to almost all the archaeological evidence). Seems like the only thing he got right was that seemingly primitive sailing boats could make long voyages between Pacific Islands.

admin says:

Yes. I’m glad you said ‘seemingly’ there because Polynesian boat-building and navigation techniques really were the top of the game at that time. I shall add it to the list.