Linkage? Link-ability?

So, I was informed yesterday that I’m now in a list of the Top 50 Philosophy Blogs, which sounds pretty exciting and pretty scam-alicious all at the same time, right?

Maybe not.

I’ve had a look through the list of Philosophy blogs and quite a few are ones I know of (respect, even); some are even written by tenured (and thus ‘legitimate’) philosophers. So, overall, a list that isn’t just a random collection of sites but something that looks researched and, dare I say it, designed based on some fundamental and philosophical principle.

The site hosting the list is run by one Kelly Sonora, who is actually the pseudonym of someone else entirely. Details here for those interested in what might be going on. Long story short; this seems to be a legit list of interesting Philosophy blogs (although whilst it is gratifying to be listed in a Top 50 listing I’m not entirely sure that my academic peers would agree; still, you never know) and it’s possible you may learn something interesting from perusing it.

Thanks Kelly.



I think you should know that there are only 51 philosophy blogs. The other one is rubbish.

Giovanni says:

Oh, that’s so not impressive. Mine is in the Top 1 list of blogs that purport to be about winged mammals, legumes and structural elements used in construction, but aren’t.

Giovanni says:

It’s a good list, innit?

admin says:

I must say, it’s not just a random selection based upon searching for ‘philosophy blog’ on Google. Someone has done the research; I suspect a conspiracy!

It also has reminded me that I should start updating my blogroll more often.