Watch the Pies!

Ah, paraphrasing the X Files. Happy 25th of the month, one and all.

Oh, and I think the thesis is over. I’ve been given a Wii and I can’t imagine its seductive pleasures will release me anytime soon.


Tiki says:

Ah the Wii…that wonderful conspiratorial machine designed to get the world moving to twee Japanese jingles…

I love it, you’ll love it and feel smug in your quest for better scores and better thighs. I fully recommend the snowboarding!

admin says:

Well, I’m already feeling the muscles groups I thought had left home a few years back waking back up.

And you’re right about the jingles. Navigating the menus feels like being in a mall, although whenever I think malls I also think Zombies! Thanks George Romero.